Titanic Last Supper

Monday, July 27, 2020

The Titanic’s Last Supper before it sunk. From previous videos about the Titanic, I believe it was intentional because there were many wealthy political people on that ship that were killed. And, the Zionist media makes a movie about it to promote it. I didn’t watch the movie when it first came out because something about it told me it was going to be stupid. For instance, the media over promoted it to the point of annoyance. But I agree that Celin Dion song was more popular, and I thought it was good for a while. But the overplayed the song so much that I almost threw up listening to it.

I didn’t finally watch the movie when it came on TV, and I just wanted to watch it to see what is the big deal, and if it was worth all the hoopla. Well, I thought it was too long and it dragged. The acting sucked by the main characters, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet because I seemed they were just hired for their image and big name to attract certain audiences who follow these actors and make money of these gullible people. The unfamiliar actors were better. They should have kept the cast to unfamiliar or unknown actors because Leonardo and Kate made the movie seem cheesy.

They overdid it with the movie effects to make up for the shitty acting and dialogue. But these effects looked fake and ridiculous, especially those dead bodies floating in the ocean. It looked more like they got these dead bodies from a Halloween movie or Zombie Apocalypse corny film.

Therefore, I preferred to research the real story on the internet because it is much interesting to watch than the lame movie. The below videos have a list of the Titanic’s last supper that were served to these high society wealthy people before they sunk the ship.


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