Ticket Stubs from Memory Lane

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

As I check out this ticket stub, memories flood my mind over the past 14 years. I noticed that I check out a variety of films and shows.

On 1.11.98, I went to Good Will Hunting, mostly to see why the media was making a big commotion about the film. As usual, it was a big mistake to listen to the media. I thought the movie was very long and it dragged. It was just boring, and Matt Damon and Ben Affleck suck as actors. The late Robin Williams was better because he is very natural in his roles and he gets into his characters well. Minnie Driver was average. I remember that those were the main characters in the movie.

On 11.28.04, I have a ticket stub which has “Nordstrom 2005” and “Mighty Ducks.” It has to do with regular sessions and it cost $11. I am not sure what this was. I have never been to a hockey game, but I have been to figure skating shows at the Anaheim Convention Center with my mother and maybe someone else came along.  I don’t really remember. My late mother and I always enjoyed watching figure skating shows, and I always used to call her up to remind her that a skating show is on TV during the holidays. I remember we always used to check out the figure skating competitions during the Winter Olympics.

On 8.6.09, I went to see the movie, Bruno, at The District’s movie theater, and I remember the theater was empty. I think it is interesting to check out the Zionist Sacha Baron Cohen’s movies because it is interesting to see what he will pull out of his ass next, which is usually something very shocking and dirty, as he promotes the N.W.O. Zionist agenda. I like to blog about his movies.

On 2.27.12, I went to the movie, The Artist &The Model, at noon. It is a French film, and it looks like something I would watch, but I don’t remember watching it, although it was around five years ago, which isn’t too long. I checked out a movie trailer for this film, in which I noticed it is a black and white film as well as it looks like an interesting dramatic film. If it comes on the indie channel, then I will watch it again because I don’t remember this movie.

In January 2014, I went to watch the movie, Boyhood. I thought that this movie was interesting, as well as it was one of Richard Linklater’s best movies, next to Waking Life. They were both very creative as well as thought-provoking films.

On 2.18.16, I went to see the documentary, Where to Invade Next. I enjoy watching Michael Moore’s documentaries because they are entertaining and interesting as well as I like movies and videos that expose the truth.

On 2.5.17, I went to see Swan Lake ballet performance in the theater, which was live from Moscow, Russia. Russian ballet is fun to watch because Russians are passionate, dramatic, and artistic dancers. I ended up watching other Russian ballet shows from Moscow in that theater.


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