Things to Know About Webcam Enabled Day Cares

Sending your children to preschool or day care outside of the home for the first time can be difficult. Both parents and their children struggle with separation anxiety, fear of the unknown, and a changing environment. But thanks to the proliferation of affordable web-based cameras, parents can opt to send their children to school while keeping an eye on them throughout the day.

There’s been a dramatic increase in the number of day cares and preschools that offer streaming webcam portals for parents who want to check in on their children throughout the school day. They give parents a sense of confidence that their children are in good hands and allows them to monitor how their kids are adapting to the new environment. Day care preschool cameras in Nampa, ID, are making parents more comfortable about leaving their children in the care of others.

Before you enroll your child in a day care that offers webcam streaming, there are a few things you should know about the practice.


Are Webcams the Same as Security Cameras?

In a word, no. Security cameras are in most day cares and preschools to protect children from external threats and to conduct investigations if something goes wrong. They are there to provide video evidence of everything that occurs in the classroom. They do not stream, but the video is captured on a DVR or other recording device instead. Webcams are for streaming real-time events in the classroom. Their purpose is to allow parents to look in on classes for peace of mind without disrupting the students’ day.

Are Cameras Secure?

Anything that streams on the internet without the proper security protocol can be hacked. That’s one of the dangers of having a live stream available to parents who don’t practice proper password security. When researching a school, ask how they prevent the stream password from falling into the wrong hands. They should have a robust procedure for routinely changing passwords to limit unauthorized usage.

Where Did the Cameras Come From?

Another important indicator of the security of a day care’s webcam feed is the source of the equipment. Ask who installed the cameras. If they were installed as a do-it-yourself project, they may not be totally secure. However, if a professional installer put them in, there’s a good chance that proper steps were taken to create a secure streaming environment.

Day care preschool cameras in Nanda, ID, can provide parents with an excellent way of adjusting to a new routine once their kids are enrolled in day care or preschool. Parents can check in, which is a good thing for those who are uncomfortable leaving their children in the care of another for the first time.


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