The Weird Midget Dream

Wednesday, 9.15.21

I woke up in the morning, remembering a weird, quite horrifying dream. I do realize it is all symbolism and not to take it literally because it doesn’t make sense. But it was a creepy scene to see a midget dressed in a bright pink baby outfit breaking into my bedroom window. But by the end of the dream, I seemed to take control of my situation, and I told the short man to take this ugly midget out of my house.I actually told both to get out and stay out because the short man appeared to know the ugly midget dressed in baby outfit.

I just remember standing in my bedroom and talking to a short man about something. (I forgot with the conversation topic was about, but we looked like we were having a casual conversation together). It appeared to be early in then morning, around 8am or 9 am. 

All of the sudden, I noticed something crawling into my bedroom window, and my bedroom is on the 2nd floor. It looked like a weird baby midget with a man’s face, wearing a bright pink onesie and matching pink baby bonnet. I was staring at it, thinking WTF. 

The short man carries the ugly midget baby, and I notice the ugly baby is starting to drool or spit. 

I just told the short man to “Take this ugly midget out of my house now. I want it out now” because it was basically giving me the creeps and nightmares. 

Then, I woke up, thinking to myself, why do I have these weird dreams. I googled “midget in dreams.”

Midget => “stunted desires of your life dreams, which you have abandoned or forgotten all about. These dreams may look grotesque to you, especially if you have subsequently come far in your life and made many changes from who you were back there.”  It also might have to do with acknowledging repressed desires.

It could also mean I need to solve a problem that is creating an emotional imbalance.

Another possible interpretation might be “a new acquaintance who will develop into a valuable friend.” It could also have to do with new friendships with intelligent and trustworthy people.

A dwarf in a dream has to do with some kind of business success.

It could also mean you feel small or overlooked for something. 


What do you think?

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