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The Wall – A different kind of Wall Music by Rachael Alice Orbach

I have invented a new way of writing and producing songs.  I have a music writing program on my computer, and I write the songs note by note for each track, the bass, the rhythm, and the melody, I can put as many tracks as I want, well up to the RAM of my computer, and then I turn the file into an mp3.  Then for the album cover I either use a picture of my own, or ask an artist friend to draw me a picture. This one here my mother drew.  Lastly, I upload it to Distrokid which is a site that distributes music to many different sites, like Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and many more.  So now you can listen to my music on your favorite streaming site.  I have a following for my music in Australia!

Have fun dancing!


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