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The Snows of New York

Another song written about New York City is one I am particularly fond of. It is “The Snows of New York” by Chris de Burgh. I know people complain about too much snow or even sometimes too little if their Christmases are not white but this song reminds me of the snows in Central Park. When it got really white outside me and a dear friend who since has departed this world would go to the park. Once there along the snow-covered trails, it all looked so lovely like a winter wonderland and if we did not look up to see the skyscrapers with snowflakes dancing about we would think we were lost somewhere in the snows of New York.

The last refrains of the song just beautiful:

And when you’re feeling lost in the snows of New YorkLift your heart and think of meLift your heart and think of me


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