The Sidewalks of New York

By now you all know that one of my favorite topics is my hometown New York City, I was posting about songs from the borough of Brooklyn but since many of the songs, I don’t really know myself I searched for songs about the entire city. I begin with one of my all-time favorite songs “The Sidewalks of New York”. And one day I hope to once again be tripping the light fantastic on the sidewalks of New York as the song says.

This song was popular a very long time ago in the 1890s and was composed by vaudeville actor and singer Charles B. Lawlor with lyrics by James W. Blake. It has been sung by many different artists. Some also refer to this song by the title “East Side, West Side”.I really enjoy the Nat King Cole version so let me know what you think.

I also discovered that the list of songs with New York in the title is quite long so I am going to introduce you to just some favorites. It is funny that you are born and raised in such a big city but you get so used to it that when you are far away it always seems to be home and in many ways you miss it.

And now during this hard time, all I can do is pray for my city.


What do you think?


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