The Nursery Rhyme Song. A New Funny Twist on old Nursery Rhymes


As a teacher trainer, one of my tasks is to teach the ECDE (Early Childhood Development & Education) trainees nursery rhymes. During their field attachment/internship, the songs will come in handy since it’s another technique teachers use to teach pupils in lower grades. It makes the lesson interesting and in itself it renders as a teaching method when teaching about various topics e.g. domestic animals and kitchen utensils.

There are countless English rhymes are familiar with. Most of the nursery rhymes I have taught my students are the ones I was taught in nursery and pre-unit classes.

This is one of those moments I like being childish. Being too adult makes my life to be sometimes miserable.

The above YouTube video offers a twist to a collection of some nursery rhymes. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

In any case, everyone of us has a child in them. 


What do you think?


Written by Benny

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