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The Mindbenders

The Mindbenders an English beat group from the 1960s became popular with a song in 1966 which I particularly love “A Groovy Kind of Love”. Another of their chart-toppers was “Game of Love” in 1965.

The band was founded in 1963 by Wayne Fontana. The other members were Bob Lang, Ric Rothwell, and Eric Stewart. Among their other hits was “Ashes to Ashes” which put them on the charts. They went on a tour of the U.S. in 1966. They came out with the album With Woman in Mind. It featured “I Want Her, She Wants Me” and “Schoolgirl”. However, the album wasn’t a big seller in the U.K. so it wasn’t released in the U.S. The band tried for another hit with “We’ll Talk about Tomorrow” but was also unsuccessful.

The Mindbenders made an appearance in the Sidney Poitier movie,To Sir with Love” in 1967. They were also featured on the soundtrack with “Off and Running” and “It’s Getting Harder All the Time”. Unfortunately they never really succeeded to make it to the big time so in 1968 after a U.K. tour they broke up.


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