The Lemon Pipers

I don’t know about anyone else but the name of this psychedelic pop group from Oxford, Ohio makes me think of lemonade. The Lemon Pipers have been credited with having the first bubblegum pop song that reached number one on the U.S. Charts in 1968. The song is still popular today and has a really nice beat to it “Green Tambourine”. The group consisted of Dale “Ivan” Browne vocalist, William Bartlett guitar, Robert G. “Reg” Nave keyboard, William E. Albaugh drums, and Steve Walmsley bass.

The Lemon Pipers started out as a group of student musicians who had played together in college bars. They played a mix of blues, hard rock, and folk-rock. Once they gained popularity with “Green Tambourine” the group was expected to stay in the bubblegum genre and so they came out with the song “Rice is Nice”. Some other songs included “Rainbow Tree”, “Shoeshine Boy”, and “Blueberry Blue”. Their second album produced another song which made the charts “Jelly Jungle”.

However, the Lemon Pipers never made the big time and they left their record label Buddha in 1969 and soon afterward disbanded. A release of their best songs was done in 2001 the title of the compilation album The Best of the Lemon Pipers: Green Tambourine.


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