The Last Time

The Rolling Stones song “The Last Time” caught me with its great beat and made me want to just jump up and dance. The song sort of became my teenage mantra. Whenever something went wrong I swore it would be the last time this or that happened.

Letting out all my pent up feelings and great frustration I would put this song on real loud and shout, “This will be the last time…” My mom followed along with all my rock and roll-ups and downs so she soon caught on. Whenever The Rolling Stones would be shouting that it would be the last time she simply sighed and asked, “What is it this time?”

“The Last Time” was their first single and it was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. It was recorded in 1965 and became The Rolling Stones third UK single to rise up to number one on the UK Singles chart where it stayed for three weeks. of me as a teenager


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