The implementation of taxes forced China to negotiate – Donald Trump

Washington: US President Donald Trump said that after the implementation of the taxes, China has agreed to come to negotiate with the US.  In his tweet, the US President Donald Trump took his tax policy and criticize the opponents.Trump claimed that putting the taxes on imported goods from China has benefited that Beijing has now been ready to negotiate with the United States.

Donald Trump said that when Chinese products were imposed taxes, nobody believed due to this, China will kneel for a day with talks, and there will be such better results for imposing taxes, some fools ridiculed my economic policies.

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President  Donald Trump added that encouraging results of taxes change policy have come to an end,which has increased economic activity in American markets and  the local business man are very happy when China’s market has declined by 27 percent, Trump wrote the slogan ‘First America’.

Be clear Trump imposed taxes worth $ 34 billion on China’s imported goods to united states and  soon additional $ 16 billion additional import duty is to be applied.


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