The Illusion of Height in Media

This video list 15 male actors who wear lifts or elevator shoes to appear taller. I was aware some of the were short, such as Michael J. Fox who is only 5 foot 4, and Tom Cruise who is 5 ft 7. But I don’t know how tall the rest are. Many male actors, such as Dustin Hoffman, are 5 ft 6. I was shocked to hear that the late Dudley Moore was only 5 ft 2. I didn’t know he was that short. No wonder they paired him up with Bo Derek in the movie “10” to make Bo Derek look modelesque next to him, even though she is only 5 ft 4. This is another illusion that Hollywood uses to make male actors taller, which is to hire shorter actresses to play opposite a short male actor, or maybe even to hire an actress who is slightly taller than the short male actor, even though he isn’t tall, but the actress will appear similar to a supermodel next to the short male actor. For instance, Katie Holmes is the same height as Tom Cruise at 5 ft 7. But if Katie wears high heels and Tom wears flats, then Katie looks like a model next to him, especially when she is dressed up in formalwear.

In the same way, if they wanted to make a short, attractive actress look like a model, all they would do is to hire a short male actor to act with her in the movie or pose with her in photo shoots. I think that is why many people thought Elizabeth Hurley was 5 ft 9, when she is actually short, even with heels. I saw her at a mall event in Nordstrom, and I thought she looked very short, at least shorter than 5 ft 8 because because I am 5 ft 8 and I was wearing sneakers, while she was wearing heels. I am guessing she is around 5 ft 4. Since she works as a Spokemodel for Estee Lauder, the media tries to make her appear taller.


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