The I Heart U Garbage

I have never used this hand gesture, even when I was a kid. I always thought it looked retarded, and that is what stupid people do to mate or whatever. I remember once some stupid girl in some public place, probably a mall, did this symbol to me, and I just gave her a dirty look because I wasn’t sure what she was trying to day. Who knows, maybe she was a lezbo, I don’t know, but I just never paid attention to this hand gesture.

The heart symbolism has nothing to do with love. It is really about the kabbala…the heart that understands hidden knowledge for these Zionist kabbalists, which I think sounds like new age and I still don’t get this crap. I have never done this heart hand gesture in yoga class because I think it is all about Zionism to prepare and program idiots for the New World Order agenda. The yoga that I do is all about stretching my body, and it was never about doing hand gestures. I still don’t get this crap. Whatever.


What do you think?


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