The Horror of Carrie

Let’s talk about horror movies. I know there are horror movie fans and those who cannot take horror movies. I am a horror movie fan but it has to be a movie with a real, scary story and not just the slash and blood pouring out type with heads rolling all over the place. One movie I like is the original “Carrie”, not the remake. The original came out on November 3, 1976, and starred Sissy Spacek. She did such a great acting job in portraying the character Carrie created by Stephen King that for a while after seeing this movie I thought I spotted “Carries” most everywhere.

To create a great horror movie it takes a great horror story writer like Stephen King in combination with a great director like Brian De Palma. The movie was about a high school outcast named Carrie White who trains herself to make use of her telekinetic powers. Her powers are nothing to sneeze at and when she gets invited to the prom because a girl told her boyfriend to take Carrie since she and her friends had teased her so badly. Carrie agrees to go but unfortunately as lovely as she looks, as wonderful as the boy treats her and even though they both are voted Senior Prom King and Queen one angry teenage girl along with her band of friends decides to ruin the evening for Carrie.

Well, this girl awakens all of the violent and revengeful telekinetic powers in Carrie and the result is quite a disturbing and frightening slam, bang finish to the movie. Spacek did such a great acting job that she received a Best Actress Oscar nomination. Other cast members included Piper Laurie as Carrie’s very religious and strange mother and a relatively unknown and very young John Travolta.

If you are into horror movies like this do take a look at this movie. Just make sure all the doors and windows are locked and you are not home alone. Many critics considered this to be one of the best big-screen adaptations of the work of Stephen King. I have included the trailer of this movie.

There were two more versions of this movie in 2002 and 2013. However, I remain a fan of the first.


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