The Honey Combs (beatgroep) in Holland, tijdens repetiti in Grote Schouwburg Zuid te Rotterdam *10 december 1964

The Honeycombs

The Honeycombs played one of the songs which I love the best by them and it was also their number one hitHave I the Right?” back in 1964. The Honeycombs are an English pop group that never seemed to gather the popularity other British bands did and stayed popular only for a short while breaking up in 1966.

Original members of the group were – Denis D’Ell who was the lead singer and harmonica player, Martin Murray rhythm guitar, Alan Ward lead guitar, John Lantree bass guitar, and Honey Lantree singer and drums. The Honeycombs came on the scene in November of 1963 and at first referred to themselves as The Sheratons. They began playing pubs in London. Their recording studio was a London apartment and three top U.K. hits were produced ” Johnny Remember Me”. ”Telstar”, and ” Have I the Right?”

After their first record shot up to the top, the Honeycombs went on tour to Australia and the Far East and gained themselves lasting popularity in Japan. They produced a live album and a single ”Love in Tokyo”. They also had two hit singles in Sweden. Their fourth British hit which reached number 12 was ”That’s the Way”. Once their popularity stopped peaking they appeared on many different TV music shows such as Top of the Pops, Ready, Steady, Go! both in the U.K., Shindig!  In the U.S. and Beat-Club in Germany.


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