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The Hills Were Alive

What do I mean? I mean alive with the sound of music. The year was 1965 and it was a banner year for movies. There was the story of a would-be nun who fell in love with a handsome Naval Officer with seven children. “The Sound of Music” became the same as the hills they sang about – immortal. It also spoke about a time when the Old World ideals were destroyed by the Nazis in wartime.

There was the frightening story of the Russian Revolution and the Bolsheviks in “Dr. Zhivago”. A time that was terrible but also brought about an incredible and beautiful romance with a wonderful musical theme Lara’s Theme.

There was a comedy western called “Cat Ballou” which told the story of a woman who hires a notorious gunman in order to protect her father’s ranch. A British drama called “Darling” about a beautiful, bored young model and her adventures. “A Thousand Clowns” an American comedy-drama telling the story about an eccentric comic who has to conform to society to be able to retain custody of his orphaned nephew. 

An American drama “A Patch of Blue” which told the story about the friendship between a black man and a blind white female teenager and the problems they face. Finally “The Sandpiper” a movie that tells the story about an unwed single mother raising her young son Danny in an isolate California beach house.

By no means are these the only movies that year. Bond, James Bond also appeared that year in “Thunderball”. The list goes on but I was only interested in the movies and the nominees for the 38th Academy Awards ceremony which was held on Monday, April 18, 1966, at the Santa Monica Auditorium and hosted by Bob Hope. By now the awards were shown on TV and in color. Looking back at this year and the top winners it makes me wonder what the award’s association was thinking.

Here we had a year in which the stars of two of the top films that year “The Sound of Music” and “Dr. Zhivago” included Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Omar Sharif, and Julie Christie. None of them got an award for these roles which was surprising. However, Julie Christie did win top honors but it was for her role in the movie “Darling”.

Another thing which stunned me looking back over the years was that with all of the fantastic music in “The Sound of Music” none of the songs won for Best Song. However,  the movie did win for Best Picture. So let’s take a look at who got the top honors.

And the winners were:

Best Picture: The Sound of Music

Best Actor: Lee Marvin (“Cat Ballou”)

Best Actress: Julie Christie (“Darling”)

Supporting Actor: Martin Balsam (“A Thousand Clowns”)

Supporting Actress: Shelley Winters (“A Patch of Blue”)

Director: Robert Wise (“The Sound of Music”)

Song: “The Shadow of Your Smile” (“The Sandpiper”)


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