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The Ghost of Superman

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Part 2

The Beginning of the End

That was when things went from bad to worst. Reeves poured himself a nightcap and retired to his room while Lemmon stayed with the guests. She brushed off his bad mood by saying that he was just sulking. She even commented that he was going to go to his room to shoot himself. Just moments later a shot was heard in the quiet house and Reeves, TV’s Superman was dead.  The reason Lemmon had made such a statement was that Reeves had a morbid game that he enjoyed playing which was holding a gun to his head and shooting out a blank. Unfortunately this time there was no blank and the Beverly Hills Police suspected that Eddie Mannix probably had someone replace that blank with a real bullet. Of course, then this morbid game of Reeves would have had to be public knowledge but was it? How could anyone get access to his gun? The questions were endless but the man was dead.

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Now was the time to really take a look at the life of Reeves. It appeared that his girlfriend, Toni Mannix, might be involved. She was playing around and 25 years younger than her husband Eddie Mannix. She was also madly in love with Reeves and was enraged to learn that he was going to marry She was also madly in love with Reeves and was enraged to learn that he was going to marry Lemmon. It was thought that Toni was the one threatening Reeves by phone and she also had a key to his house. When Reeves mother, Helen Besselo was informed of her son’s untimely death she hired a detective to look into the reason for his death. It was a difficult case to unravel and in 1964 Helen Besselo went to her grave still believing her son had been murdered.

In fact, the detective agency not only believed that Reeves death was a homicide they also believed that it was not Reeves macabre gun game that did him in but that someone unknown was in the house. There were no burn marks on Reeves’ face to indicate that he had held a gun to his head and when discovered he was lying on his back and the single shell found under his body. According to experts when it comes to suicides the gunshot wounds push the victim forward and the bullet casing away from him. It was then suggested that Reeves had discovered an intruder, struggled with them, got shot and the intruder escaped from the house unnoticed. Homicide or suicide the biggest mistake the police made was that no fingerprints were taken at the scene. To this day Reeves death has remained another unsolved Hollywood mystery.

Restless Spirit

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 Having experienced such a tragic death when his life was offering him so much Reeves could not rest in peace. Real estate would attempt to sell his Benedict Canyon home but occupants never stayed there for long. There were complaints about sounds in empty rooms, bedding would be torn off, clothing was strewn about and even the odor of gunpowder in the air. It would seem that Reeves restless spirit was unhappy about being labeled a suicide and wanted someone to know this. Another occupant said that his German Shepherd would stand in the doorway of the bedroom where the death had occurred and would bark as if he could see someone there. It is known that animals can see the spirits of the dead. At one point two Los Angeles sheriffs were sent to guard the house after neighbors reported hearing screams, gunshots and saw a light going on and off.

Then came the occupants who apparently saw Reeves in his Superman costume. One couple was so frightened that they moved in and out that same day. Neighbors began seeing the restless ghost on the front lawn. In the 1980s the house was being used to film a TV show and Reeves spirit made an unexpected appearance. He was seen by several actors and crew members and then just vanished leaving behind an aura of mystery. Perhaps Reeves can find some peace in appearing to people and being recognized as the actor who portrayed Superman since he cannot get anyone to understand what he is trying to convene.  I know it is a fact that restless spirits very often cannot find peace and often return to the place of their unfortunate death.  Today the house is a private residence so perhaps the owners have accepted any appearances of the spirit because the house is still considered to be haunted.


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  1. The late George Reeves was before my time but my older sisters have told me of television shows where his ghost appears wearing his Superman costume then fades away. My late mother told me when a celebrity dies in a terrible death and cannot rest in peace it means that something is bothering them and they are making a plead for help.

    • I was a child when this happened and I remember this brought many more people and lots of kids to start watching the TV show. Superman was now a legend and somewhere along the way to keep kids from thinking they could fly they hinted that the actor had thought he could fly and had jumped out the window. Of course eventually the truth as much as there was came out.


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