The Fury (1978) movie review

Monday, September 6, 2021

Tonight, I watched a 1978 Brian De Palma movie on the indie channel. The Fury is a suspenseful film about psychics used in experiments, probably for the government and CIA as weapons.

There are lots of familiar celebrities in this movie at a young age. I noticed Amy Irving, Daryl Hannah, and Melody Thomas Scott, as well as Kirk Douglas, Charles Durning, John Cassavetes, Fiona Lewis, Gordon Jump, etc.

The main storyline is about studying people with supernatural powers to turn these psychics into weapons, probably for the CIA and the government. A young teen psychic girl helps a CIA agents rescue his son, who is also a young psychic, from these government experiments.

This movie is based on a novel, directed by Brian De Palma. The screenplay was written by John Farris and the music was composed by John Williams.


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