Suicide Squad 2 movie needs a new director.


I will say something about being in the front office of Warner Brothers Studios. The old saying “Expect The Unexpected” should be the motto of when a movie project like “Suicide Squad 2” encounter a speed bump or in this case a change in who will direct the sequel of a group of anti heroes.

The original director of the second Suicide Squad movie Jaume Collet-Serra has decided to step down as the director of the sequel of the anti hero group to direct actor and former pro wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in a movie called “Jungle Cruise.”

I guess Collet-Serra seems to like directing Johnson in a different kind of movie than an anti hero movie like “Suicide Squad 2” David Ayer who directed the first “Suicide Squad” movie has decided to direct “Gotham City Sirens” which will feature the Gotham City personalities of the Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy who have played both hero and villain roles in the comic books and cartoons series in the past.

Not to panic fans of the Suicide Squad sequel movie, Warner Brothers will find another director who is their wish list to direct the movie. In my view when I heard the term Suicide Squad I knew it was a term referring to the special team American football players who run down the field on the punt and kickoff teams.

When I saw the cartoon “D C Super Hero Girls” who is on it amazed me that the cartoon features Harley Quinn as the comic relief pitcher of the team instead of my favorite anti hero Duela Dent alias “Harlequin” who is infamous for disguising herself as the “daughter” of many of the Batman villains.


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