Star Trek Wars – 5

When the second season began, with the introduction of ‘new’ old characters, Trekkers watched hoping the show would improve.  

Hoping that the characters of Captain Pike and Spock could take bigger roles and be as expected.    These characters were very much ‘canon’.  

They  acted as expected, appeared as expected, and the hope was that the show would move into Canon.

Canon is, as I use it, the ‘official’ version.  

Everyone who knows Star Trek, knows how certain things ‘go’.   They know how characters behave, interact, even think.  They knew the purpose, the overriding ideas. 

The first season of STD (Star Trek Discovery)  was as much Star Trek as Star Wars.

Seeing Pike and Spock the assumption was that the discordant ‘non-canon’ aspects of the show would be removed.


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Written by Tall Awah

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