Star Trek Wars – 4

The First Season of Discovery, (STD)  was so bad that two of show runners were fired.

They were fired for plunging into their own make it up as you go along Star Trek, as if there never was a TOS or a TNG or any of the other versions.

To pacify the fans, to try to get somewhere in the vicinity of ‘Canon’ two new old characters were introduced;  Captain Pike, who had preceded Captain Kirk, and Spock.

The public adored these two.  They were exactly what was wanted and expected.

Of course, the Klingons remained completely discordant to what we knew, and the plots splashed in fantasy, not science fiction.


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Written by Tall Awah

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  1. I like the original Star Trek, as well as the Next Generation, but not the other ones. Of course the Star Trek movies are always good. There was a series on YouTube of Star Trek Continues that almost got the same feeling as the original series and the actor who played Kirk (Vic Magnolia) almost looked exactly like William Shatner.

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