Star Trek Discovery – Off the Grid – 5

To ‘escape’  the problems of ‘canon’;  the plan was to send Discovery nearly 1k years in the future, ‘outside’  or ‘beyond’  the known Trek Universe.

This plunge into the far future would not have been necessary if those who were behind Discovery had familiarity with Trek.

Now it sounds ridiculous that people could be hired and paid to create a new iteration of a well known franchise, and go so far from what they were to do as to make their own disconnected version.  

Imagine people hired to make chocolate cake turning out mint biscuits,  for that is the reality. That is how far STD went from Trek.

To be coarse, at the finale of the last season, outside of losing Captain Pike and Spock, who cared what happened to the crew of Discovery?

Many of the fans who were disgusted with Season 1 of STD liked Season 2 because of Pike and Spock.  Now that those characters are gone,  how will the fans respond?


What do you think?

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