Star Trek Discovery – Off The Grid – 4

Star Trek Discovery began with unpleasant characters we couldn’t care less about, twisted plots, creating a kind of universal distaste, in which we couldn’t care less what happened to them.

Where those who had watched the first episodes of TOS or TNG ‘fell in love’ with particular characters,  copied their throw away lines, there was no one and nothing one could like about STD or its characters.

Those in charge of the series realised that they had strayed so far from Star Trek they could call themselves Star Wars for all it mattered.

The Show runners were fired and replaced.  Two new old characters;   Captain Chris Pike and Spock were quickly inserted as the show made clumsy moves to get to the ‘canon’ where everyone gets along and cares about each other.

For many it was too little, too late, and it was hard to align the characters in the first few episodes to the characters they became in the subsequent.

Where standard Trek has everyone committed to the mission and other members of the crew, Discovery put one in mind of a rat bag of kids forced to do detention.

Although there was an attempt to ‘soften’ the characters, it rang false.  


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