The Square movie review

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Today, at 6 pm, I decided to go to a movie meetup for a 6:45 pm showing of The Square. It is mostly in Swedish. It is about stepping out of your comfort zone and helping others, especially those in need. It was kind of like those independent, experimental films, which brought out lots of everyday issues that people might have. It is all about being humane and treating one another with respect. The art campaign the museum is promoting, “The Square” has to do with promoting trusting and caring for others within this “square” section. Elizabeth Moss has a small role in this film, but the rest of the actors are Scandinavian. Two young guys with the firm promote this campaign in a violent manner on YouTube to get attention for the museum’s next art exhibit. It gets a lot of views, and YouTube contacts the museum, in which the museum’s owner wasn’t aware of this video’s existence or the creators. But, it has controversial content. The movie also question what is “art” as well as how far do you take art.

It is an interesting independent film that makes you think about life, society, and people, and how people react in certain situations.


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