Space Opera Vignette #1 Scans – Sci-Fi Satire

The crew of the Betican Star Ship Pantheon must deliver relief supplies to their comrades on the western battlefront of their invaded galaxy. But to do so they must cross a deadly nebula full of radioactive explosive particles! Who will survive? Who will whine the most? And why is Commander Maleck scanning everybody?!

Space Opera is a scifi satire that features a cowardly Captain leading a mostly competent crew against the backdrop of a galaxy wide war. Originally created on GoAnimate in 2014, the first run of episodes explores the snarkier side of a starship crew fighting the good fight but having to put up with a horrible leader. Bad times for them, fun times for those watching them!

Written, Directed, and Animated by Alexander Trapp

Original Music by Melvyn Kalili


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Written by Alexander Trapp

Screenwriter, gamer, kinda 2D/3D Animator. Founder of It's A Trapp! Productions. Let's go on a journey! I retweet a lot.