Song Saturday ~ Why Can't You Behave? ~ Jane Monheit

Jane Monheit is a classical jazz singer that has been singing the classics over the past three decades.  Here is her wonderful version of Cole Porter’s “Why Can’t You Behave?”

In each one of us, there are times where we do not behave like we are supposed to act.  The decision-making process goes completely out of the window.  We all know to do the right thing, but we sometimes choose to do the wrong thing.  Instead of waiting for the true reward, we sometimes go for self-gratification.

For example, this pandemic would have been gone a long time ago, but there are too many people on this planet that choose not to behave properly not only in this circumstance, but in any circumstance.  The countries that have the most coronavirus cases are in the countries with morally deficient leaders.

Why can’t you behave?


What do you think?


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