Song Saturday – Breathe – Daryl Beebe

In the jazz music genre, it is rather difficult to obtain a record deal.  There are a few different routes to obtain a deal.  One way is to be a musician that plays at different bars and clubs throughout the country.  Another way is to be a back-up musician for a record label.  This route is generally the quickest route because the label already has knowledge of the person.  Plus, the person then tours with the main musician that hits it big.

However, there is one route that is the riskiest way to obtain a label.  That would be to pay for a single song and to pay for marketing the song to the various jazz stations throughout the land.  If the song goes kaput and receives no airplay, then the dream of a deal is dashed, but if that song has pizzazz, then that buzz will generally lead to a deal.

That’s where I pulled the song for this week’s Song Saturday.  I heard this one on the Smooth Jazz channel on iHeart radio.  This song has been receiving airplay for the past four months and was on the Billboard Top 10 for a while, but the name of the title is so relevant with what is going on right now.  The song is titled “Breathe” by saxophonist Daryl Beebe.


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