Somewhere in Paradise With Baccara

Baccara was a female vocal duo that was formed by Spanish artists Mayte Mateos and Maria Mendiola in 1977. They achieved international popularity with their single “Yes, Sir I Can Boogie”, which rose up to number one in Europe. Their next single was equally as successful “Sorry, I’m a Lady”.

Baccara came out with their first self-titled album in 1978 and it became a platinum-selling album in Finland. This album included both of their hit singles. Two other songs worth mentioning from the album are “Granada” and “Cara Mia”.

Their next album was “Light My Fire”. This album included the European hit singles “Darling” and “Parlez-Vous Francais?” The U.K release of this album also included an interesting song “The Devil Sent You to Lorado”. This became a popular single with another song “Somewhere in Paradise” on the B side.

In 1979 Baccara came out with their third album Colors. This album included the European single releases “Body Talk” and “Ay Ay Sailor”. Another lovely song on the album was “Roses in the Snow”.

Their fourth and final album was Bad Boys which came out in 1981. It was the time of disco and other new music movements and the duo had lost popularity never having the chance to make a splash in the U.S. Some of the songs on this album were “Last Night” and “’Boogaloo”.

Baccara tried for one more single in 1980 “Sleepy-Time Toys” but was no longer as successful as they had been before. The duo also had some misunderstandings and after they went their separate ways they released a series of singles and studio albums on their own. On their 30th anniversary in 2007 a complete 3 CD box set of their songs was released. However, as a duo, Baccara never performed together again.

In 1987 Maria Mendiola teamed up with vocalist Marisa Perez and created a new duo called New Baccara. The released a successful single “Call Me Up”. They also came out with some dance tracks that became big club hits across Europe. They had success with their version of Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings”.


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