Soap Opera – 9

Getting two full months off was, for Paula, like being on Summer vacation between grades.  Her husband took  his vacation time to match and they decided to travel.    Paula and her husband and their son could go wherever they chose, and be together.   

They had a great time, enjoying every moment.

When they returned to the City and Paula’s husband went back to work on the set as a cameraman, and then Paula arrived for the return of Freddie.

Having been in deep mourning,  off screen, where other characters unfolded,  Freddie returned to the Soap Opera as almost a peripheral character.

Paula didn’t mind doing less work.  She didn’t mind less screen time.   The new faces would not be present for long. 

Actors would take a role on a soap opera as a first step.  They would stay for as  few seasons as possible.   As soon as they were offered a role on an evening drama or comedy, a walk on in a movie, even part of the chorus line in a play, they would take it, and be gone.

Paula had seen so many come and go over the years. 

With so many actors coming and leaving, the producer required stability, and Freddie was the most stable character. As happened before, Paula’s on camera time increased, Freddie became more central to the plots.  New characters were slowly introduced to replace the old, while Paula remained centre screen.

It wasn’t a problem for Paula, for Freddie was her, (save the widow hoods and a few events) the dialogue was what she, Paula would say.


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