Smartphones Are Like Cocaine for Kids

Nowadays we can see that children are so smart. They can find any possible application on the smart phone. But is it really good for them to spend a lot of time in front of their smart phones? It’s not good at all. This situation may result to headache and nervous children. But, I have been thinking a lot about this topic. Who has the responsibility for this, children or their parents? Well, probably the parents, in my opinion. If we hide the phone of them, if we hadn’t show to them how to manage with the phone, how will they learn to play games? I am really worried that children spend half of the day in front of their lap top or smart phones. One study has shown that smartphones are like a cocaine for kids. Also for parents, in my own opinion.

I was born 1993 and my childhood was different. There was no smart phones and Internet. We were playing outside during the whole day. But the time is changing and I am very scared about what generations of children, their parents are growing !?


Aren’t they too small for playing on I-pad?

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Written by tanja

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  1. It’s like cocaine to adults too truth be told, but it disturbs me that kids are given such technology. When I was younger my parents would never have got me such stuff even if it had been around back then. But now it seems kids expect it, what happened to good old fashion playing outside and using our imagination, I feel like kids of this generation are being deprived because they are given such gadgets and not learning about how great playing with others and interacting really is.

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