Silencing Truthers as Fake News & Other BS

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Ryan Dawson talks about being slandered by certain media outlets in order to be silenced. They are calling him fake news and holocaust denier to make his videos appear illegitimate. I agree with him that Alex Jones is a fucking Zionist shill because I cannot tolerate watching Alex’s videos, which are very long and annoying rants that have about 10% truth, but mixed with 90% twisted bullshit for his idiot followers dumb enough to believe all his rants are truthful. David Duke is anti-Jewish former Nazi, although he is also anti-Zionist Jews, which makes more sense because the Zionists are the main problem in this fucked up world. The Zionist-created ISIS, better known as Israeli Secret Intelligent Service who has never attacked Zionist Israel, but only countries against the Zionist agenda, was finally defeated on November 21st. Now, I wonder who will be the next Zionist-created terrorist boogeyman group?

Zionist-occupied America, such as AIPAC and other Zionist-infested groups are terrorizing this earth, one country at a time, for the new world order agenda. Just watch all the lame false flags and other crap that pop up all over the world to further their agenda with Zionist-created terrorism.


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