Sharon Tate's Life…

Friday, 11.22.19

I checked out these two videos about a celebrity psychic channeling Sharon Tate.  She was an Aquarius. She was married to Roman Polanski, who is a Leo. Charles Manson was the Scorpio cult leader, who was trying to control her.

She had a sarcastic personality, but fun.

Sharon went to a party in LA where she met her future husband, Roman. There were also a group of dark people standing in a circle. One was the Chief of Police from Beverly Hills. There is also a doctor, housewife, and others. They held hands and chanted. There are other business people, such as bankers, lawyers, construction workers, etc.

Rudolph Valentino and Black Dahlia were probably blood sacrifices.

Roman writes a script for Rosemary’s Baby.

The world is run about the people in the movie, Rosemary’s Baby. It was very truthful movie because everything was hidden in plain sight. The baby had red eyes and hoofed feet.

They did predictive programming in the movie in order to make it happen in real life.

Illuminati Party? People dressed in weird outfits. It is a ceremony ritual before their marriage. Blood drinking and sacrifice. (which is similar to Prince William and Kate, because Kate was wearing a Rosemary’s Baby dress, and her son was a gift, which I am assuming is satanic.)

Her son was a boy, and he was mysteriously killed or sacrificed for Satan because he was first born.

Sharon Tate’s life explained…

Luciferians in the media worship Satan as their god.

Rosemary’s Baby is very obvious and truthful about the Luciferians. When Sharon saw the movie, she realized what she had done, and she wanted out of the satanic cult. Many of these people are mind-controlled by the Zionist US government. Charles Manson was used to see how they will control the public. They have alters, triggered to do different things, such as assassinating someone, and they don’t remember it later or even why they did what they did. He was bisexual, asexual, and he had sex with kids and adults. This sounds fucking satanic.

When she was 2 months pregnant, she wanted to keep her baby and leave the cult. She was blindsided by the murder in her own home. After she died and stepped into the other side, she gave birth to her son, and he came out normal.


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