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Share The Love! What is your Favorite Feel Good Picture?

Lets Share The Love! [Favorite Feel Good Picture] In a world of unbalanced and well… just down right ugliness. Turning the news on is not one of my favorite things to do. War and rumors of wars, pain and suffering across the globe, and why? Why is this I have to hear on both local and national news.

Time to spread a little Feel Goods and Love! Lets share our “Feel Good” Picture! Help me to spread some GOODNESS around. Lets make someone SMILE! LAUGH!  and or even give someone HOPE.. It’s all good…  let us make a difference together.

While waiting for the next bus after an early morning of medical tests at the hospital. I took several pictures of the garden surrounding me. Ironically how the universe reminds me what I needed to know in my special time of need.

Nature is lovely and on the spot! Beautiful as well as Inspirational to my well-being.. How cool is that?!

#2 A Touch Of Nature

A Touch Of Nature

It's amazing, the things that makes us feel good and nature is just one of the best ways, cause it is pure, sweet and just a part of the beings that we are!

Because flowers are truly beautiful, I planted lots of them in my garden cause I believe, "beauty is everything"! ("We live to discover beauty, all else is a form of waiting", Khalil Gibran)

This beautiful flower (I think it's called "Pride of Barbados), is one my favorite, which I enjoy looking at in the morning after breakfast. It sure makes me feel good, and the other flowers too!

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Watching these twins grow up this year was a joy. We were close enough to enjoy them and far enough away so they remain wild.

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