Shadow War?

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

This video explains what the Luciferians plans include for the world and the public. They are all about controlling the whole earth under One World Government of slavery. Just look at what is going on today…it has already started.

They are already hiding somewhere, whether underground tunnels or on another realm dimension. They depend on the mainstream media to succeed in fooling the sleepy public into following their agenda.

Something is coming to an end…probably the economic collapse…

Difficulty in financial sector for people in the next couple of months…

Zombie movies was prediction of the public’s fate…I think the people who still wear a mask look like zombies.

Demonic plan for the public involves programming.

Rescuing many children being trafficked for pedophiles.

Yeah, the earth is filled with toxins in food, air, water, etc, intentionally created for the New World Order depopulation agenda.

Yeah, it is hard to trust the medical industry and hospitals because they are programmed to make people sicker, and maybe even kill some people, for profit.


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