Sex and the City

It was in June of 1998 that HBO the cable network first showed the pilot episode of Sex and the City. I know that most of you recognize this comedy series which told the story of four single women living in New York City. I absolutely loved this series and for me, it was even more interesting because it became popular in Latvia as well and I got to see it translated in Latvian and also in English. Whenever the mood strikes me I watch these series over and over again. It was like having four friends on the screen and I wished that when I was in my 20s I could have had friends like that. Unfortunately, my close handful of friends never lived in the same city or the same area.

The four actresses playing the main roles were fantastic and I fell in love with their characters and would cheer and cry for them. They were Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw playing the author of a newspaper column for a fictional newspaper The New York Observer, Samantha played by Kim Cattrall, Charlotte by Kristin Davis and Miranda by Cynthia Nixon. In addition to these friends and their escapades on the show, Carrie began a long-standing and sometimes tragic relationship with a man named Mr. Big played by Chris Noth.

Sex and the City was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series at the Emmy Awards for each of its six seasons and won the award in 2001. The show also received other awards like Parker who won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 2004. When the show ended in 2004 there was the idea to bring it to the big screen. It finally happened when Sex and the City: The Movie came out in 2008 and was soon followed by a second movie. It was the greatest thing to see these girls on the big screen and being that it all happened in my hometown New York City I felt like I was transported back there again.

I’ve got great news for all of us in our middle years. We can still come together and become great friends and have adventures like these girls if we could. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis are 55, Kim Cattrall is 63 and Cynthia Nixon is 54. The man of the hour Chris Noth is 65. This makes me feel good that I am right in the ballpark age-wise. Besides these actors certainly make you feel like middle age is just the beginning of all kinds of adventures.


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