Seoul Korea Hangouts

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Today’s Yoworld city décor challenge is Seoul, South Korea’s Bukchon Hanok Village. My avatar is on vacation, and she is an early riser to enjoy the sights, culture, and tourist attractions. My avatar received 4.6/5.8 on this city décor challenge.

My avatar is seated at the bench, enjoying Korean tea and snacks, with her American friends and their pets. She has a platinum blonde bob, touristy laidback casual outfit, hat, and watergun. Other tourists walk by their condo because there is a food vendor nearby.

My second avatar received 4.1/5.8. The scene is similar but I didn’t add tourists. It is just my avatar, her friends, and their pets.

My second avatar looks different, with a different short blonde haircut and different eye color. But she wears the same touristy casual outfit in different colors. She holds a watergun to stay cool in the summer heat.

Which summer vacation scene looks better?


What do you think?

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