See Why Mini-Sized Furniture Is A Huge Hit

Tiny things are just too adorable to watch. It is unbelievable to see mini-sized versions of enormous items. Yet, this woman does it perfectly. Meet Emily Boutard, the architect that makes incredible mini-sized real furniture and houses. With having expanding number of followers on the social media, her pieces of art have become so popular. Everyone is amazed with this artwork. But, this hasn’t been Emily’s primary profession. While working as a lawyer, she decided that her passion is making tiny stuff. And the story began here. She studies architecture, the thing that makes her happy. This was the start of her  tiny furniture project called  “Little Architecture”.

When it comes to this specific type of architecture, Emily is a professional. She uses different types of materials, combined with the right methods in order to create the perfect piece. You will see a complete house with the proper interior. These houses are mini replicas of real buildings.Each piece is 24 times smaller than it's original size.


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Written by Kristina

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