Screen Video Recorder for Android: The Newest Addition to the Smartphone Necessities List

The multimedia and imagination age is well and truly upon us. We live in what is perhaps the single most social media intensive times in human history. Mobile devices are the single most relevant utilitarian device you can get your hands on today. Nearly 2 and a half billion humans have access to a smartphone, and that number is simply the biggest when it comes to multimedia devices, eclipsing even laptops and computers. What this means that content dedicated to mobile devices are all the rage.

Developers and site makers all focus on making the best applications tailored for mobiles, as they know its adaptability is unrivalled.

Why Screen Recording?

When it comes to the sheer amount of media and content available today, and the rate with which it is consumed having tools which will help you enjoy it more is extremely important. With apps such as screen recorder for android, you can now record everything that is going on in your screen. It could simply be a video containing the funniest clips, or it could be an instructional message, or a video chat, or a viral hit on a social media platform. With the help of a video recording and especially a screen recorder application, you could very easily find a way to capture those moments.

The only issue is that it does not come as a proprietary application or even a feature on a majority of smartphones. The best way to solve such an issue is by downloading an application available on the internet. These apps simply have all the tools along with the capability to record. Since you would find a slew of applications on the internet, the easiest way to weed out the best applications by keeping these titbits of information in mind:

* Landscape Feature: A lot of recording is permitted in the portrait mode in smartphones, which comes as a cause of the phone’s orientation being in that mode. The videos and screenshots taken through this mode do not look better on desktops and other devices. This is a major reason why you should look for an app that allows recording in landscape mode.

* Bit and Frame Rate: This is a crucial aspect when considering the fact that a lot of gaming videos can be recorded in this manner. You can create tutorials, walkthrough and even vlog your experiences using a recorder that allows you to shuffle between a high and low bit rate. There is also the ability to use different kinds of frame rates on recording to give it a smoother effect.

* Trimming Abilities: With a good application, you would want it to be able to have good cropping software as a feature. It would allow you to cut the video as per your wishes, and there is no need to export it to another application in order to get it done.

* Pause and Play Floater: A lot of the time, there will be a huge amount of unwanted video time; with the help of a play pause button, one that can float across the screen it makes it easy to record only the parts you like and saves you time and hassle from trimming the video.

* Audio Recording: The biggest feature you need to look for is a screen recorder with internal audio so that you can simply record the best possible videos with sound! As videos without sound simply don’t have the same effect.

* Quality of Recording: The recorder should be able to take screenshots and videos in a range of sizes so you as a consumer save on data and internet.

With these in mind, you can quite easily pick out a screen recording application from the internet.

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