Saturday Song – In the Good Old Summer Time

In the Good Old Summer Time” was another American Tin Pan Alley song that was published in 1902. It became a very popular song that was also used for many musicals. A very wonderful musical with Judy Garland and Van Johnson was the musical using this song title.

 It had the original idea about a romance between two pen pals who exchange letters through mail correspondence. It was a romantic time when there was no modern technology and words of love were exchanged through ink and pen. In fact, this is the movie that inspired the modern one “You’ve Got Email” with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks except that they correspond by Internet making it much easier to exchange thoughts.

The movie “In the Good Old Summertime” begins with this song and also ends with it. In the end the main characters have developed a relationship and have gotten married. In the last clip, they are seen walking in the park holding onto a little girl. That little girl was Liza Minnelli making her movie debut. I could not find that clip but I have added the trailer of this musical.

The photo is of little Liza Minelli


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