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Rocky Horror Picture Show

It was 1975 and I was still in my high school dreams so the opening of this movie sort of passed me by. When I did finally see “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” I loved it. I thought the actors were brilliant among them Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon. I loved the very young and talented Meat Loaf on his motorcycle. Once this movie became a cult classic and young talents played along with the movie onscreen making it a movie and theater experience I was not glad. When I am in the mood to watch this movie I prefer it to be on DVD.

The movie was written by an actor named Richard O’Brien and he had a hit because the movie had a bit of everything even Frankenstein and the sweet transvestite that Curry played and of course, sex and rock and roll. I thought it was very imaginative and a fun viewing experience. The kind of movie you can watch with a sappy smile on your face and you don’t have to think anything much.

The interesting thing is that  Meat Loaf had already starred in the original London stage production playing Dr. Everett Scott instead of the delivery boy Eddie. The one crazy dance number I really liked was “Time Warp” and you can see it in the video. Now and then this movie still pops up in some theaters around the midnight hour giving new generations of youngsters lots of fun to play the various characters on the screen. Just a fun movie with a crazy plot and strange characters but always lots of fun so if you get a chance take a look and join the crowd at the castle.

For those who are true fans, you can now spend a night at this castle/hotel called the Oakley Court in Windsor, England and enjoy the annual Time Warp Picnic.


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  1. we went to the midnight showing every Friday night for nearly 3 years!

    we loved that show.

    it is, having watched it, an awful movie. But when you get to throw hot dogs, quit water, and hold your big against the night sky, it is a lot of fun!

    Where’s your neck?
    Brad and Janet.
    so many happy memories!

      • i think Disney might say no on that question.

        I used to know all the songs word for word. I was in a band in college, I memorized two songs. but couldn’t ever get others memorized.

        my bandmates made fun of me because I knew all the songs of rocky horror!


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