Rock and Roll April 7

1962 – Can you imagine that when this year rolled around there was still no band called The Rolling Stones? At this time two guys named Mick Jagger and Keith Richards bet Brian Jones, who was a guitarist at the Ealing Jazz Club. The band was completed in 1963

This same year Shelley Fabares at the young age of 18 scored a number one hit with the song “Johnny Angel”. If you are not familiar with this singer and actress then think back to TV. She played the daughter Mary Stone on the popular The Donna Reed Show and later on, she played Christine Armstrong the love interest on the TV show Coach.

1990 The Carpenters came out with a hit LP Only Yesterday. The album is a greatest hits compilation album and includes many of their best songs. One of my all-time favorites is “Top of the World”.

2008 – Singer Bob Dylan receives an honorary Pulitzer Prize for his incredible impact on popular music and American culture.


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