Rock and Roll April 29

1967 – All singers eventually find a song that becomes their signature tune. Aretha Franklin found hers when she released the song “Respect.” The song went on to win two Grammy Awards in 1968.

1972 – Some of you might remember a song titled “Nice to Be With You”. It was recorded by a band called Gallery and did well on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. They had two more popular hits with “I Believe in Music” and “Big City Miss Ruth Ann”.

1975 – The Bee Gees released an album titled Main Course. It included two hits “Jive Talkin’” and “Nights on Broadway”.


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    • I don’t know why I shouldn’t post videos I like to share music. I have not idea how many open them but from the comments, I see that some do enjoy the music. I feel that it is my choice to post the videos and the choice of others whether to listen or not listen. I have always been a music lover and many of my poems have also been inspired by music.


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