Rock and Roll April 18

1957 – Unfortunately for Buddy Knox his number one hit “Party Doll” did not keep him out of the U.S. Army. However, before he was taken away he recorded more than 20 songs so that his fans would not forget him.

1975 – We all know that sometimes rock and roll fans go too far. Well, this year four fans of the Bay City Rollers needed hospitalization and 35 others required treatment. As it turns out these fans so wanted to meet their heroes that they attempted to swim across a lake when the singers appeared at BBC Radio 1 for a fun day at Mallory Park.

1984 Michael Jackson was seriously injured during the filming of a Pepsi commercial when his hair caught on fire.

2014 – Linda Ronstadt’s newest album “Duets” rises on the Billboard album chart. In the album, she sings duets with various singers such as “Pretty Bird” with Laura Lewis.


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