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The Road to Tiberias Rachael Alice Orbach

We went for the weekend to Tiberius, here in Israel, so on the way I took some pictures, because I had in mind to do a video with Live Clarinet Improv.  So that is what happened.  I recorded the Clarinet section, wrote the background on the computer, put them together, and then today I added the pictures.  It came out really good!  This track is softer than the rest, but still has a good beat and a great melody!  If you listen carefully you can hear breaths, where I had to breathe so you know it is a live recording and not all electronic music!

What do you think?

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    • Thank you very much. I am planning to do more live recordings with more of the different instruments that I play. I have done two so far, Raining Now in Jerusalem, I’m playing the flute, and this one The Road to Tiberius I’m playing the clarinet.

    • It is also a bit more difficult for me. as i compose the background on my computer and then record also on the computer, I have to hope that everyone at home is quiet and that the phone doesn’t ring in the middle when I am recording!

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