River Phoenix is Channeled

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Celebrity Psychic Sloan Bella channels River Phoenix.The 29 degrees of Taurus has to do with a lot tragedy around his life due to homicidal aspects—which means he died of a violent act.

He was groomed to do his job in the media, like many other young celebrities. He is connected to his mother. His family joined a cult, and travelled to Venezuela for missionary work. His parents founded this cult.

He was raped at 4 in the cult because he was born into an Illuminati family.

When he died and stepped out of his body, he noticed he was in the other world.

He was a vegetarian, but it was an act of defiance.

His mother was used in a sexual ritual in the cult.

It was a set up in the cult.

He died of foul play.

The day he died was a part of the homicidal ritual. A male actor injected River Phoenix with a drug. The other man, a singer, was sent to finish the job to make sure River was dead.

Although I wasn’t very familiar with River Phoenix’s work, I have seen his face in the media. When I watched the news announcement of his death, I felt it wasn’t natural, even though they kept saying drug overdose. I had a feeling there was someone involved in the murder. It is sad because he was young. Even some of his friend said that he would never kill himself. 


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