Ricky Gervais Monologue Explained

Monday, July 6, 2020

This video explains the meaning behind Ricky Gervais’ monologue comedy at the Golden Globes. It is an interesting video, but filled with dark symbolism.

Lifting a glass means “lifting the veil,” which indicates a huge psy-op is coming next…

Celebrities are likely to mysteriously disappear, hideout, or go crazy…

It is interesting that Brad Pitt enjoyed the monologue, while Tom Hanks looked pissed. Actually, I remember the audience had mixed expression. Some were laughing, while others looked pissed.

“Green Handkerchief” is the color of the Dragon, which has to do with silencing until execution.

Game of Thrones reference? I never watched Game of Thrones because I don’t have the channel. But it looks like a weird fantasy movie, similar to Lord of the Rings.


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