Reviews & Aftermath of Feldman's Documentary: My Truth–The Rape of 2 Coreys

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Feldman was also married to Suzanne Sprague, who was actually interviewed in the documentary about the rape of the two Coreys. I think she is the actual mother of his son, Zen.

Recap from the documentary, the abusers included Alfy Hoffman, Bobby Hoffman (Alfy’s gay lover), Dominick Brascia, Marty Weiss, Jon Grissom, and Charlie Sheen.

I remember from TV News about Charlie Sheen’s problems with his ex-wives, when they were married that their marriage problems had to do with the kids. And, both Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller didn’t want him alone with their kids when he was fighting for custody. Charlie has two daughters with Denise and twin sons with Brooke.

#1 Reviewing Corey Feldman’s “My Truth” Documentary

Review for the My Truth—The Rape of 2 Coreys. She ended watching only the last half of the documentary. She notes someone noted that The Wolfpack might have been involved in the hacking of this documentary.

This girl talks about not being able to see it for a while because the site got hacked and she got an ERROR 403 message. Feldman had emailed her because she had paid $20, explaining that they are fixing this issue. She eventually watched the documentary, but she had missed the first half because she was busy. 

#2 Corey Feldman BLAMES Stephen Collins for the Death of Lorenzo Brino!

Lorenzo Brino died on Sunday, in a car crash. He was on Seventh Heaven TV series. And, he was only 21. His costar Stephen Collins admitted to sexually abusing teenage girls. Feldman claims that Collins had something to do with Lorenzo Brino’s death. Collins hadn’t acted for a long time, and he worked with Lorenzo Brino when Lorenzo was 15. Moreover, someone in the comments mentions that Stephen Collins had been exposed before with his involvement in child pornography. Someone else noted that Stephen Collins did admit that he was a pedophile. A third comment noted that Stephen Collins had admitted to making sexual advances with a 10-year-old girl. A fourth comment states that Collins had admitted to exposing himself to young girls.

Lorenzo Brino appeared in over 130 episodes on 7th Heaven. He lost control while driving his car and crashed into a utility pole in Yucaipa, California on March 9th. He was born on September 21, 1998 in Woodland Hills, CA and he died on March 9th in San Bernadino, CA. 

I noticed pictures of the TV show, where he was a baby on the set with his twin brother, Nikolas Landon Brino, and the other actors who played his siblings and parents on the family TV series.


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