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Remembering Tsu…

I was going through my photos and found this folder of photos from 2015, the days of Tsu. 

Tsu was the first pay to post site, I believe. It was the first one I joined. I really loved it and thought they would be around longer. I still miss them, and all the people that were part of the community. I am also glad I see some of those same people here on Virily, and more joining every day. 

They used to send out these Tsu stickers with every 100 dollar check you received. They paid with a business check sent to your mailbox at home. People really loved getting their stickers and would slap them up in places and post it on Tsu! It took me about 6 months to receive my first check, but it was worth it. 

They also had T-shirts and other things with the Tsu logo on them for sale. 

I am so glad to find what I think is even better than Tsu was, this site. I really love it, and hope to see it grow throughout the years. 

My son with a Tsu shirt on. 

GIF’s were really big on Tsu, this set of my son was a GIF. 

My son posing for a Halloweeen picture for Tsu..

Just remembering….. Thank you for reading. 


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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. Thank you Kim for reminding me of the Ts. I also started at the very beginning. The first 100 dollars did not translate them to me because they were not original. I decided to give up, but then Maria Milisova gave me a hand from Greece. Tell me to come out and take pictures of what you liked. Then came the first 75 dollars. Someone had transferred his 25. So they paid me 75. One week before I broke up I got a $ 100 transfer. If I find the payments I will upload them. I hope more people will believe in virily.

  2. I haven’t been to Tsu, I just started my first payout from Niume…Glad to know we all met here at Virily with different stories from our previous blogging platforms.. I used to blog at Bubblews and Hubpages, but It didn’t take me long since I was busy on my school days before and had fun playing RPG games on the net. It’s good to be back and work with you all here guys once again at Virily. 🙂

      • haha thanks for the warmest welcome Kim…Yeah I’m still looking forward for my quizzes soon..I want to create a personality quiz but I think it’s also down..So we just wait for it to get fixed…Nice to be back and work again here at Virily 🙂

  3. Never heard of tsu before, thank you for remembering it Kim!
    The photos and memories are priceless
    I loved the flying kick of your son, does he practice martial arts?
    Lets all hope that Virily stays and grows!

  4. Great post, thank you for sharing your TSU memories…it wasn’t the first earning site I joined but I was there for a while (not long enough to actually cash out). Sad that they went down, like many other sites. Hoping this one sticks around for a long time!

  5. Hahayyy… Tsu cannot be forgotten! I think Tsu is a stepping stone as well as an inscription (now). Yes, there are some friends who were together at Tsu also here (unfortunately some of them are not active) in Virily. I’m still close enough and keep in touch with some of them, especially those who’ve been together in a particular group. By the way, is your whole family a member of Tsu, also your cat?

    • I know, the non active ones here you speak of. I have tried to get them to post, lol to no avail. Virily isnt for all, they main complaints are the 24 hours for posts to show, and the word limit requirements. My one son and daughter in law got me to join Tsu, I was their child on Tsu. The cats were on Tsu, as THE PACK in my profile and my sons and daughter in laws. They had their own tag.

      • Beyond that, what’s not in Virily is a feature to mention someone so that others know who and where. I think the feature is very capable to strengthen the relationship and the proximity of fellow users. The closeness of the relationship and the longing, I think enough able to further enhance the liveliness of members.

  6. I know I’ve now found and lost several pay for blogging sites. I miss Niume, the last one I was on. It had a great concept and the best integration with social media i’ve ever been a part of.

    Oh well. Glad you are here Kim.

    • The payed site graveyard… Let’s hope Virily doesnt already have a headstone picked out. I liked Niume as well, but wasnt there but a few months. I really didn’t think Niume would go down like it did with the financial backing they claimed they had. I was glad to see when you joined, another cool blogger with interesting articles.

      • Thank you for your compliment and kindness. Your posts are always fun to read and share!

        I was doubtful about Niume as the funding they had was all SeriesA funding. They never got B or C. Series B funding is when the VC’s are strongly convinced that the idea and company is viable. When I saw they never got series B i knew their time was limited.

        We shall see with Virily. Like all things, it may or may not survive.

  7. Love love love your Dove and your cat, great pics. And you have a great looking son and Kim. I know you are proud. A lot of these sites have gone by the wayside unfortunately.

    • Thank you Carol. Thats when Lily (the dog) was a pup! And Stormy RIP, he passed last year. I was blessed with two good looking boys. We are very close. Let’s hope Virily has what it takes to last.

  8. Thanks very much for this, Kim (Your son looks quite a character – and great fun!). I was later to Tsu than you, and got my first payout just days before the End. I had a lot of fun there, and made some firm friends who I’ve stayed in contact with, whether here or elsewhere. Happy days! And I dearly hope Virily can be a success where Tsu failed 🙂