Remember Who You Have to Call

The classic comedy “Ghostbusters” arrived in movie theaters on June 6, 1984. The movie was produced and directed by Ivan Reitman and the Ghostbusters were portrayed by Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis. They began ghost hunting in the streets of New York City with their headquarters being an old abandoned firehouse. Once ghost busting became big business they got a fourth partner who was played by Ernie Hudson. Suddenly everywhere you went about New York you heard the phrase, “Who are you gonna call?” and everyone was talking about this move and about ghosts.

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The movie really got going when Manhattan apartment dwellers played by Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis become possessed and started following a long-dead deity known as, Gozer. Their apartment building becomes ghost central. It’s incredible to watch the ghost buster’s scene where they fight the forces of evil on top of the apartment building. The special effects where great.

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I think my favorite was the Marshmallow Puff Guy. This giant marshmallow man stomping through the Manhattan streets.  The movie became a box-office hit. Since it came out in the heat of the summer the cool air-conditioned movie theaters were full of people cheering for the ghostbusters. I also know a couple of enthusiastic friends who at that time wanted to become ghostbusters but gave up on the idea when I informed them they would have to learn an awful lot about the paranormal.

As a result, another movie came out in 1989 “Ghostbusters II” with all of the same characters and some new additions. It also produced two animated TV series I loved the first two movies equally and have often watched one right after the other. My favorite part in the second movie was when the ghostbusters get inside of the Statue of Liberty and she walks through the streets of Manhattan with the ghostbusters inside and the song “Higher and Higher” playing loudly.

The Ghostbusters are not done yet with some of the original cast returning we can all look forward to Ghostbusters 2020 coming up in the new year.


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